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Update: We are packing and dispatching orders as normal this week.
Update: We are packing and dispatching orders as normal this week.
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Find Your Epson Printer Ink Cartridges

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Epson Printers

Epson printers are one of the UK's most popular brand for home and small businesses use. With built in functionality such as WiFi, direct printing, copying and scanning. Epson inkjet printers deliver unbelievably great value for money.

When it’s time to print, you’ll need to connect your Epson printer to your computer or other devices, so make sure you’re aware of the various connectivity options offered by different models. Keep in mind that not all Epson printers support all methods of connectivity, so if you have a particular one in mind, make sure it’s included on the printer model you buy. The most common ways to connect to an Epson printer include the following.

WiFi: Epson printers with WiFi allow you to print from just about any device on your wireless network, which is especially useful if you often need to print from your smartphone. While WiFi printing used to be a luxury feature, it’s now considered essential.

USB: If you have a nearby laptop or desktop computer, connecting via USB is usually the simplest method. All Epson printers include a USB cable.

NFC: Near-field communication (NFC) is a relatively new way of connecting devices wirelessly that’s growing in popularity (similar to Bluetooth, but for shorter ranges). If you have an Android smartphone check to see if it supports NFC. You may have a fancy new way to send documents to your Epson printer!

Ethernet: Many printers and all-in-ones include network ports for using a hardwired connection to a local network. Like WiFi connectivity, using Ethernet connectivity for your printer means that multiple devices can send print jobs to it without having to be directly connected.


Q. How often will I have to replace the ink in an Epson printer?

A. It depends on how often you use your printer. Most inkjet cartridges promise a minimum of 250 pages, while most toner cartridges typically last a minimum of 2,000 pages. Also keep in mind that ink and toner can dry out. If you don’t use your printer for months at a time, the actual number of pages you get from a cartridge may be lower than normal.

Q. Will an Epson printer work with my Mac?

A. Yes. Modern Apple Macintosh computers come with built-in drivers for most current Epson printers, so most basic functionality will be “plug and play.” To unlock advanced functionality, install the included software and drivers from Epson, which they provide in both Mac and Windows formats.

Q. Can I use an all-in-one’s fax machine if I don’t have a landline in my home?

A. No. When an all-in-one lists fax functionality, it means that the printer has a port for a phone cable to connect to your existing landline to send faxes. If you don’t have a landline, that’s OK. There are plenty of paid online fax services that can use the internet to send documents to others’ fax machines.